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About Us

We are a competitive swimming club based in the market town of Mold, in North East Wales.  Our aim is to provide high standards of coaching and development for our members to reach their true potential, via structured sessions that take place in a friendly and safe environment.

Whether a youngster is just starting their swimming journey, or a swimmer who is a key part of the county squad, our members have a breadth of abilities and potential, but all linked by being part of the same team

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Mold Amateur Swimming Club has been helping youngsters of all ages develop their skills and personal strengths for over 40 years.  We compete in local, regional and national competitions with a proud record of success.  If you would like to be be part of our future, please contact us to arrange a trial - come and join the team!

Mold Swimming Club Sponsored swim: 21st Sept 12pm to 22nd Sept 12pm.

https://bit.ly/2Z9GXtT - here is the sponsorship link

We want to make sure this club gives our hard-working swimmers the best chance of being competitive. The aim of our next stage of fundraising is to raise money primarily for some new start blocks. OUr current blocks are old and do no mirror the competition blocks the swimmers compete on. This, in turn, means our swimmers are not being conditioned during training to the environment they will race in - and starting is a big factor - especially in shorter swims.

Any support is gratefully received.

Gala's & Events - 2019

-Conwy Closed Invitational             14th-15th Sept 

- Ecl Championships                        6th Oct

- Autumn Meet                                 19th-20th Oct 2019

- Sub Regionals                                23rd Nov 2019

Upcoming Gala's - 2020

City of Leeds New Year (long course)  4th-5th Jan 2020